Red Roo Sports Management came to life in 2015 after founder, James Kerr, saw an opportunity to give back to his community.

“Outside of my own family,” recalls the Mississippi native, “ I had incredible mentors in my life, growing up. Teachers, pastors, instructors, coaches, all of whom made a huge difference to my life because they truly cared and invested themselves in helping those who wanted help, to become better people. Now living in Melbourne’s south-east, I could see lots of kids that needed the same thing but weren’t getting it. So, with the legacy of my mentors, it was pretty easy to step up and get involved.”

For Mr. Kerr, sport was the obvious connecting point with the youth, and as a passionate basketballer in a basketball-crazy town, he began preparing teams to enter the annual South Sudanese Australia National Basketball Association (SSANBA) tournament. “We entered a single team”, says Kerr, “and while we had a heap of talent, we couldn’t quite get the chocolates. But for both myself and the boys, it lit the fire of chasing success and was the launching pad for everything we have done since then.”

And by ‘everything we have done’, Kerr means win numerous SSANBA titles, and recently dominate the new AAU events being held in Australia.

“Success in our program means winning,” explains Kerr. “Winning on and off the court is my focus, because while basketball, and sport in general, are great fun and worthwhile pursuits, they are a means to an end only. Winning the game of life is no accident, and so, just like sporting success, winning in life comes after preparation, planning, discipline, perseverance and hard work. My hope is that the young men and women who are around Red Roo Sports in any significant capacity learn these facts and apply it to their lives. That is our goal.”

And win, they have, exactly as described by Kerr, ‘on and off the court’. With almost a dozen trophies, multiple championship rings, medallions and plaques, it is attainment of quality educations and progress in lives that Kerr most values.

“I am so proud of those who have come through this program and left it with college educations under their belts, productive jobs, savings accounts, deposits for homes, and responsibilities. That is the measure of success that matters most, and that is winning in life.”

Two Red Roo athletes are currently on Division 1 NCAA Basketball Scholarships. Another 2 are in Junior College, with a handful of others looking to either transfer from their current scholarship, or considering offers for 2021.

“And that’s just the current crop”, Notes Kerr. “We have 7 more young men who are our focus for 2022 and beyond, and ready to add more into that mix as they emerge and demonstrate the talent and the character required. Then of course, we have another close to one dozen who have completed their schooling and are in the workforce or continuing their education.”

Red Roo Sports past is notable, but it is the future that will define it. “We’ve only just begun,” exclaims Kerr. “There has been a lot of trial and error in this process, and we are constantly working to refine programs and people. We have some great things coming down the pipeline.”


It’s easy to do the right thing occasionally. Discipline means doing the right thing repeatedly, until it is second nature. This is how we build a successful student, athlete, and person.


There is nothing easy about achieving what is worthwhile. There will be obstacles, hardships and set-backs. These are learning moments and the natural refinements required. Persistence is mandatory, on every level.


Hard work beats talent, when talent fails to work hard. That’s the saying, and it’s a truism that is at the core of Red Roo Sports. Whatever talent comes with players in Red Roo Sports programs, Hard Work will be added.


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