Red Roo’s 18 & U Men’s program added another AAU Spring Madness national championship ring to their growing collection during an eventful summer.

Backing up their successes at 2019 and 2020 events, Red Roo completed the first club 3 peat in Australian AAU history in thrilling scenes with an unlikely buzzer-beating shot dropping from star player, Elijah Duol.

“I almost called for the de-fib,” recalls Red Roo Club President, James Kerr. “We missed 6 free throws in the last 2 minutes to take the game away from our very gallant opponents, and then in the most unlikely circumstances, Elijah scores the walk off basket to end the game and give us the prize!! It was quite crazy.”

“It was an incredible game”, explains AAU Chief Executive, Brett Stringer. “Definitely worthy of a championship game. Both teams were outstanding with some great individual performances, great defensive efforts, and real heart shown by all. It shows the quality and level of game that AAU basketball inspires. This game, and especially the finish, was as good as any game you’d see in Melbourne at the highest level.”

But it almost wasn’t to be. With mere seconds on the clock, and down by two points, Red Roo’s opponent, Team Elite, manouvered the ball to an open player who took a 3 point shot only to be fouled in the shot. They missed the shot but had 3 free throws to go ahead with only a few seconds left on the clock. Go here to see the finals seconds unfolding.

With ice in his veins, and a loud pro-Red Roo crowd against him, the shooter drained 3 of 3 free throws to go up by a point. After a timeout called by Coach Tot Jok, Elijah Duol took the inbounds pass and while driving to the basket, tripped, and in tripping, released the ball towards the hoop in an ungainly looking shot, only for it to drop in as the buzzer sounded.

Unsurprisingly, and as the video shows, mayhem from the excited Red Roo crowd ensued. Despite the heartbreak for Team Elite, sportsmanship was the winner and both teams celebrated an amazing end to a great contest.

For Mr Kerr, the reward of the ring was just desserts for the hard work that went in to the tournament preparation. “We are heavily motivated each year to win this ring. We’ve got one from every AAU Spring Madness event so far, and we’ve now got to keep this going. Performing at a premier level is now an expectation of everyone that puts on a Red Roo jersey. This is our tradition. It’s what we work for.”

John Bewley memorial scholarship

Red Roo has great pleasure in announcing that Chris Davidson will be the first recipient of the John Bewley Memorial Scholarship.

 To qualify you must display excellence in the following:

  • Academics

  • Leadership

  • Sports

  • Community


Nicole Kerr  joins Red Roo Sports Management

Nicole Kerr has joined Red Roo Sports Management to advise on team nutrition. Nicole is a wellness expert currently serving as the Wellness and Lifestyle Medicine Director at Castle Medical Center in Kailua, Hawaii. She has a Master’s Degree in Public Health (Nutrition), is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) and has taken advanced coursework in psychology.  Her career has spanned over 25 years in public health focusing on wellness, nutrition and preventative medicine. Prior to her work at Castle Medical Center she served as a health promotions consultant to the US Air Force Medical Operations Headquarters in San Antonio, Texas.

 While in Honolulu she has worked for Queen’s Medical Center as an oncology dietitian, University of Hawaii at Manoa School of Nursing managing their community initiatives, and was Vice President of Health Initiatives with the American Cancer Society-Pacific Division.  In addition she worked for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as project director on many social marketing initiatives for health behavior change, CNN (Cable News Network), and currently has a consulting and private practice business, Deer Kerr Consulting, LLC. She is a published author including, Eating The Rainbow,  and is also a veteran of the US Armed Forces. She is passionate about helping people feel good and reach their optimal state of well-being. Nicole is a welcome addition to the team at Red Roo Sports Management

Shooting for the stars

Teny Puot tells the story of how he was hand picked to captain South Sudan in a FIBA AfroBasket qualifying round in Nairobu Kenya as reported in the Star Journal. Image courtesy of Gary Sissons and the Star News Group

Scholastic Aptitude Tests

Get ready for the Scholastic Aptitude Tests (SAT) which are held for college admissions in the United States. For further information check this website