Red Roo Sports

Our objective at Red Roo Sports  is to inspire positive
academic, physical, and moral growth in every individual. In order to
achieve this we strive to assist each person with taking ownership of
their lives and developing the tools required to succeed in the most
demanding game of all….life.

Our Organisation

Red Roo Sports Management was formed on the building blocks of loyalty, trust, passion and commitment. We believe that dedicated hard work, combined with natural ability, will give the individuals in our program the best possible chance to truly be all that they can be.

Red Roo Sports is committed to the physical, emotional and social development of the youth who participate in their programs. An integral part of everything Red Roo does is the reinforcement of important values that become the bedrock for successful lives. While basketball may not be the ultimate end in and of itself, Red Roo understands that it is a vehicle for young men and women to learn this vital life lessons.

Red Roo Sports Management- Achieving Excellence through Discipline


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our players

Michael Jok

An established Youth League and Big V performer in Melbourne, Michael has become a key member of the Montana-based Dawson Community College Bucaneers men’s basketball team in his Freshman year. As team captain, Michael lead the Bucs to their conference championship and a 20 win season, starting all games, with outstanding per game returns of 11.5, 6 rebounds and 3 assists. 

YUOt gai

YG’s breakout sophomore season at South Plains College in West Texas has established him as a serious college ball player.  His transition to an attacking and dominant big man who can mix it inside the paint, knock down shots from the perimeter, and play 94 feet of defence has made him both a versatile option for Coach Green and the Texans, and a handful for opposition coaches to counter.

Chris Davidson

Chris is an excitement machine. Able to use his athleticism on both ends of the court, Chris has the capacity to take over games through his offensive or defensive efforts. As a committed team player, he will use his high basketball IQ to lift his team and capitalise on the opportunities his court vision detects. The values he places on Education is driving him to make the most from his basketball career.

Justin Asi

An incredibly dynamic, and exciting, young prospect, Justin has the world at his feet. A tough competitor with lights out perimeter shooting who will also do the interior work on the boards. Able to dominate and take games away from opponents, this young man is going somewhere, given the right support and opportunities.


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All Trophies 🏆 Red and White Nation ...

Red Roo is looking forward to participating in the U18 Championship Division of the 2019 Southern Peninsula Tournament this weekend. We wish all the teams involved the best of luck. ...

Baby Shaq @arokarokjr and @mamuchskywalker ...

2019 U18 spring madness champions 🔴⚪️ ...

Squad 🏆💯 ...

Australian Boomerangs will host Red Roo at the new Mullum Mullum Stadium this Saturday at 2:00pm. The Boomerangs are an Australian National Basketball team Please consider coming out, your support is appreciated ...

Red Roo wins the 2019 MMBL(Melbourne Metropolitan Basketball League) Winter season. Congratulations to everyone involved winning this championship for the third time in three seasons. Coach Damon Bozeman recorded a very impressive 16W-2L regular season. ...

Grand final show down tonight. 🔴⚪️ ...

Two of the best to ever do it 💯🏀 @joshduach and @leyiadebayo ...

The 🐐 @elijahduol ...

Let's Gooo @prnceakeem @danielakuei11 @peterdeng ...

This Tuesday don't miss out 💯🏀 ...

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Come to hoops24/7 today and celebrate the long weekend with us ...


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Basketball Community NEWS

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AAU Australia  information and developments can be seen here

COVID Safe casual shooting and training can be booked at  Hoops247. Hoops 247 is located at 41 Princess Highway, DANDENONG SOUTH, VIC 3175

John Bewley memorial scholarship

John Bewley Red Roo Scholarship
John Bewley

Red Roo has great pleasure in announcing that Chris Davidson will be the first recipient of the John Bewley Memorial Scholarship.

 To qualify you must display excellence in the following:

  • Academics
  • Leadership
  • Sports
  • Community
Chris Davidson
Chris Davidson