Michael Jok

Michael Jok

Height: 193cm

Position: Shooting Guard

THE player

An established Youth League and Big V performer in Melbourne, Michael has become a key member of the Montana-based Dawson Community College Bucaneers men’s basketball team in his Freshman year. As team captain, Michael led the Bucs to their conference championship and a 20 win season, starting all games, with outstanding per game returns of 11.5, 6 rebounds and 3 assists. As a scholarship player, Michael has also enjoyed the educational experience of American College and looks forward to the continuation of his schooling.

THE man

As an original RedRoo Sports player, Michael has done much to shape the environment James has tried to create. Defined by his work ethic both on and off the court, Michael walks the walk in the most resolute and humble terms. Despite all of the obstacles life throws up to him, he has overcome through sheer determination and preparation. And it was thanks to his preparation that Michael was ready and able to take up the Dawson CC opportunity when it arose through attending an AAU Australia combine event in late 2019. With such a foundation of admirable qualities and values, Michael now believes there is no limit to what he can achieve with his life.

RedRoo Star Leads Team to Championship Tournament

RedRoo Sports alumni, and Dawson Community College Men’s Basketball Captain, Michael Jok, has lead the Buccaneers to their first ever invitation to the NJCAA Division 1 championship tournament.
Withstanding a late rally from Indian Hills Community College and on the back of Jok’s 14 points and 9 boards, the Bucs secured the 68-67 victory in their Regional championship and along with it, broke Dawson’s 60+ year tournament drought, punching their ticket to the NJCAA dance in Hutchinson, Kansas from April 19-24. 
“Being in the tournament means everything to us and the community,” said Jok. “They waited 63 years for this and I’m glad to have been part that team that ended the drought.”
Dawson Head Coach Joe Peterson couldn’t have higher praise for Jok’s contribution to the Bucs success both on and off the court in season 2021. “Mike has been the heart and soul of the team,” he said via text. “He does it all for us – shooting, scoring, passing, handling the ball, defending and rebounding. And he’s our captain and team leader. He brings a level of maturity to us.” 
Maturity that according to both Jok and Coach Peterson was a mandatory requirement as they faced up to a season of unknowns. “Coming in to this year”, recalls Coach Peterson, “we just wanted to enjoy every chance we had to play basketball, and try to keep getting better every day.” The mindset the coaching staff brought to the season translated to the players doing their part. Michael Jok’s take away was just how much work the team did. “We proceeded as usual. We all controlled what we could control. Season or no season we were focused on getting better every day. We worked extremely hard in the off-season. We had 6am workouts for about 2 weeks. Coach organised a total of 10 practice matches that gave us a lot of leverage over the other teams in the country, as well. Being great is not easy, which is why I never get comfortable with myself and my game. I worked extremely hard.”

Getting to college was no easy road for the talented Jok. With some college interest coming out of High School but no firm offers, Jok kept his skills sharp by playing in BigV Youth League competition at Waverley Falcons. He also went to work at RedRoo Sales and Service, developing his work ethic and leadership skills even further. RedRoo CEO, James Kerr, has watched Michael’s development since he was a teen. “I have a great respect for Michael. As a young man he always impressed me with his attitude. As an employee, I have seen first hand his values. He is a quality person and seeing him get to college and now be recognised for his leadership and have success in the game is a real highlight for me.”

Michael’s readiness for opportunities paid off when he was spotted by Coach Peterson, as part of an AAU Australia scouting combine in December, 2019. “We were told by our network of coaches in the US that some were looking for players to add to their roster in the Winter Semester”, recalls Brett Stringer, AAU Australia’s Head of Sport. “This turned out to be a great opportunity for exposure for a number of guys, and Michael was able to perform at the right time, in front of the right people. What has transpired since that moment is just awesome for him. He’s a great young man and we couldn’t be more pleased.”
The 2021 season has been a life highlight for Jok, but has also reminded him of the things that matter most. “I’ve learned a lot about myself”, he states. “The experience has been amazing. The bonds I have created are really special. I’ve learned a lot about myself, but what thing has really stuck with me is how dedicated I am to this game.” 
That same dedication now has Jok, Coach Peterson, and the whole team of Dawson Buccaneers, staring into the face of the greatest opportunity for the Men’s Basketball program in school history. “It’s pretty surreal”, says Coach Peterson. “I don’t even know what to say but Praise God!”
Michael and his 19th ranked Buccaneers first round tournament game tips off 1am Melbourne time, Wednesday April 21. 

MJ Raising the Bar

With one of the most winningest periods in school history under his belt, Red Roo Sport’s Michael Jok says his time as Co-Captain at Dawson Community College has felt like a dynasty and will be remembered as a period of incredible personal growth.

“It feels like a dynasty. In the past two years we’ve been dominating, winning all the championships. It’s been pretty cool. Everyone at the school will definitely remember us.” Led by Coach Joe Peterson and his mantra to ‘raise the bar’, Jok has used this as inspiration in his own journey towards personal excellence.

“One of the things we say as a team is raising the bar. Every day we got to raise the bar. This means being able to adapt to certain situations, and like hold myself more accountable. Staying in the gym, being more consistent, all that kind of stuff.” On reflection, Jok says in his own efforts to raise the bar, doing extra work has been the key. “That extra effort is not always easy. If everyone was going the extra mile in their effort, they would all be where they want to be. I only think about doing the extra. I don’t want to be the regular guy. So that’s what pushes me: Not being just regular.”

As James Kerr, Red Roo Sports President, Michael Jok is anything but the regular guy. “MJ has been an exceptional human from the first day I met him. He worked at an extraordinary rate, and did all of the right things, all of the time. I only have admiration for him, and I know he will continue to do incredible things with his life.”


And incredible blessings have come Jok’s way through his hard work and by raising the bar, with his signing of a National Letter of Intent to play in the NCAA Division II program at Minot State University in North Dakota. “I’ve been talking to them the longest of the all the schools that were interested”, explains Jok. “I’d been talking to them since the end of last season and they also talked to me in the Summer. The coach came to practice (in November) and gave me the offer. They showed me a lot of love.”

“While the scholarship offer helped to secure his immediate playing and academic future and validated his previous 2 years of hard work and sacrifice, his mind was still firmly on the task at hand: winning another championship for the Buccaneers. And that’s exactly what he and his teammates did.

Going in to their conference championship as the 2 seed, Jok more than capably led the team to the Championship game up against their season rivals and first seeded North Dakota State College of Sciences. Despite losing all 4 regular season games, the Bucs went in with confidence. “Our tough, non-conference schedule paid off”, said Dawson Head Coach Joe Peterson. And the pay off was so good Dawson blanketed the Wildcats to win by 10, the total of NDSCS’s wins in the four previous games. “The guys played great”, explained Coach Peterson, “and showed a lot of toughness. It was even sweeter to beat them on their own court.”

Jok’s contribution was significant to the point of being named Conference Tournament MVP, but it was the team accolades that were his biggest reward. “All the championships we’ve won are the rewards. Our whole team this year, everybody, went the extra mile. That’s how we kept winning Championships…we all bought in.”


Settling in to life in D2 after transferring from JUCO is exactly the challenging experience Michael Jok anticipated.Any notion that his on-court success, exposure to leadership, or scholarship offer would create a soft landing were blown out playing limited minutes in the first games of the new season. “It’s definitely tough to go from top performer to being at the bottom of the pile again,” said Jok. “I worked hard at Dawson to establish myself and that resulted in me receiving the Minot State scholarship. But that’s just the beginning. Now I must establish myself here, with my teammates and more importantly, the coaching staff.But work is never something Michael has been afraid of. “It’s simple for me.

I go to work and I end up getting the desired results. I learned that in my life from lots of sources, including my time working at Red Roo with Mr Kerr.And the work is clearly paying off with Michael having his break out game versus MSU Moorhead, going for 13 points off 23 minutes, and then subsequently starting the last 4 games.His first game as a starter saw him post a season high points tally ,  and reinforce what comes from working hard, for the Corporate Fitness/Wellness Management major. “I have a vision where I can be as a player, and where we can be as a program. Bring on the hard work, coz ain’t nothing can stop me when I work!!