John BewlEy memorial Scholarship

John Bewley Red Roo Scholarship
John Bewley

Chris Davidson is the first recipient of the John Bewly memorial Scholarship. To qualify you must display excellence in the following:

  • Academics
  • Leadership
  • Sports
  • Community
Chris Davidson
Chris Davidson

Athlete Receives Significant Award

As the inaugural recipient of RedRoo Sports John Bewley Memorial Scholarship, Chris Davidson will have an amazing opportunity to continue his work towards his life goals.

For RedRoo Sports Founder and CEO, James Kerr, the award is an appropriate recognition of Chris’s development as a valued member of his organisation’s community. “Chris exemplifies what RedRoo sports, and the John Bewley Memorial Scholarship, embodies; which is a dedication to one’s future, focus on academic excellence, a work ethic that can be applied in every aspect of life, and leadership. I have watched Chris closely over the past number of years and his attitude and effort has always impressed me. Receiving this award is intended to give him the motivation to keep on going in his trajectory of a life he and his family can be proud of.”

The scholarship provides Davidson, 18, with use of a RedRoo toyota camry for a year, and employment opportunities at RedRoo Sales and Service, giving him a fantastic opportunity to continue his progress towards his career and personal goals.

Named in honour of the Reverend John Bewley, a significant mentor in Mr. Kerr’s upbringing in Jackson, Mississippi, USA, The John Bewley Memorial Scholarship will reward one young person per year in the RedRoo Sports organisation that best exemplifies the values advanced by Reverend Bewley throughout his life of service and dedication to his community.

“Reverend Bewley changed the lives of countless hundreds of young men and women in my community growing up”, recalls Mr Kerr. “He left an impression on me that has reverberated throughout my life. This man was a legend in the community, and single handily did more for the community than anyone I know growing up in Jackson, Mississippi. He lead from the front, and his legacy needs to be continued. It’s a privilege to pass on the values he taught me to the young people who come to RedRoo Sports”.

For Chris Davidson, a standout junior basketballer and high academic performer, receiving the award is a great validation of his work. “I definitely have goals for my life”, he explains, “but it is very easy to lose sight of them, and lose hope. I don’t want to give up on them, myself or my family, and Mr. Kerr giving this award to me has been a huge help to stay focused and keep on working. It has also helped my self belief to grow. I know I can achieve my plans. I’m very, very grateful.”

John BewlEy Background

” This man was a legend in the community and single handily did more for the community that anyone I know growing up in Jackson Mississippi. He transformed our church into a youth recreational centre, and provided an environment in which you wanted to participate. He led from the front…” Quotation from James Kerr.

Reverend John Bewley Jr. 14/10/32 – 17/12/99

Pastor at Broadmoor Baptist Church, Jackson, Mississippi. Built Community Centre connected to the church that included:

  • Commercial kitchen with capacity to feed 200
  • 4-lane bowling alley that he serviced and maintained himself
  • 1 full basketball court/skating rink
  •  Full service snack bar
  • Large games area including pool tables, ping pong, shuffleboard
  • Full size softball field with outdoor lighting

Provided service and leadership in the following ways:

  • Organised hundreds of activities and outings
  • Drove bus to all events
  • Maintained all equipment including bowling alley, roller skates
  • Organised hundreds of sporting events and tournaments
  • Manufactured thousands of trophies 
  • Distributed thousands of uniforms
  • Preached inspiring sermons to the youth of Jackson, educating them on values and ethics

A truly worthy individual who should be remembered for his genuine concern regarding the lives of young people.

This is the basis for the John Bewley Memorial Scholarship