Delang Muon

Delang Muon

the Man

At 6’8, with a perimeter shot, handles and athleticism to burn, Delang Muon is an exciting basketball prospect. Combined with his high academic achievements and focus on learning, Delang’s life prospects are even higher.

The young forward has emerged onto the scene only recently through his stellar AAU tournament play and capacity to run with much older and more physical opposition. “Delang is a truly exciting talent’, says AAU CEO, Brett Stringer. “He has many of the core things College coaches are looking for today. Height, size, athleticism and all round skills.”

And while a humble, ’strong-silent’ type off the court, Delang let’s his game do the talking on the court. “His perimeter shooting range is very impressive for a guy of his size,” notes Stringer. “But I like his willingness to crash into bodies and play physical. He is primed for real opportunities should he want them.”

And there is no sign he doesn’t want them. Outside of Red Roo he is currently playing VJBL U20s and Youth League Championship Mens for Dandenong Rangers. As Stringer explains, this is all part of his development. “Delang needs time on the court, first and foremost. And he needs coaches to have a vision for him and help him grow into that. I know he has a vision for himself, and right now we are working on helping find a coach that can grow him into that, and beyond.”

Delang lands at gba

Grace Baptist Head Boys Basketball Coach, Brad Shauf, has excitedly welcomed Red Roo’s Delang Muon to Ocean Springs, Mississippi, with is recent arrival for the 2022/23 school year.

Delang will be attending GBA on scholarship and in an effort to enhance his chances of acquiring further NCAA College Basketball Scholarship interest. Coach Shauf first saw Delang playing in AAU Tournaments for Red Roo and reached out to AAU CEO, Brett Stringer. “Delang is a great prospect for any coach”, said Stringer. “He’s 6’8” to start with, but has great ball skills and is tough. He’s been playing multiple age groups in AAU tournaments for a while now, and mixing it with much older kids, and holding his own. It’s no surprise any coach would want him.”

Seeing Delang in person on campus has only confirmed his belief that the young Red Roo was worth the effort and investment of time and resources. “We are really excited about Delang joining our program this year,” explained Coach Shauf. “He is an exceptional athlete who excels both on and off the court. We have great belief in our latest Australian student-athlete.” And in only his first few weeks in school, Delang has been plugged in to Coach Shauf’s program, with exposure to College coaches underway. “We took Delang to a D2 University elite camp,” continues Coach, “and he caught the attention of their staff. He was blocking shots and very impressive.”

Getting game exposure is the whole point of Delang’s scholarship experience. “Helping Delang get to GBA is just one of the ways AAU basketball can help its players,” comments Stringer. “While Delang is an outstanding athlete, excellent student, to get recruited to play College basketball in the US system is all about getting seen by coaches, who are always in recruiting mode. Delang will grow his game under the guidance of Coach Shauf, but will also be in the right place at the right time in front of the right people. We have really positive expectations for him because we know what a great character he has, and how hard he will work.”

Red Roo Sports Head, James Kerr, knows Delang is as likely a young man to succeed as any in the Red Roo program. “I have been nothing but impressed with him, at every level. It’s wonderful he is getting this opportunity.”

Delang turning heads

Red Roo standout, Delang Muon, is turning heads in the Christmas lead up at Grace Baptist Academy in Ocean Springs, Mississippi. The 6’8” Frankston native is dominating in early proceedings and grabbing the attention of multiple Colleges in the region. Having already received multiple full ride scholarship offers from some very highly rated JUCOs, Muon and his Head Coach, Brad Shauf, expect there’s more to come for the power forward.
“D1 NCAA is what I’m working on,” explains Coach Shauf. “The JUCO offers he has add credibility to him in the recruiting process as bigger schools look on.” And look on they will with Coach Shauf adding multiple scoring options for Delang in coming weeks. “He’s going to have a lot of opportunities to score,” declares Coach.

It’s an especially amazing outcome, says AAU CEO, Brett Stringer, when the COVID-inspired changes to recruiting are taken into account. “Reality is, D1, 2, and 3 level colleges are not committing to Freshman like they used to, not throwing scholarship money at them like they used to, due to the riches they can get from the transfer portal. The fact D1 schools are starting to look seriously at Delang is a testament to both him and his work ethic since arriving and GBA, and the fact he is in an environment giving him so much exposure.