Daniel Piech-Meat


Faith, Family and Perseverance Carry Red Roo to US College Scholarship

 RedRoo’s Daniel Piech-Meat fulfilling his dream in the US. With Daniel’s legendary work ethic the sky is the limit.
 Daniel cites his faith and family as major influencers in his achievement. “They kept believing in me”, explains the Freshman of his large family. “Because of COVID I kind of gave up a little bit. I wasn’t playing basketball. But I kept my family around, kept going to church, kept praying. This helped me a lot. My mum, dad, brothers and sisters. All of them.”
Work also played a huge role in Daniel’s success. With so many uncertainties, it was the only thing he could control. “It’s been tough”, notes the 6’5” power forward. “Especially with COVID, a lot of uncertainty. But I just kept my head down…kept working. Bad things always come to an end. Just keep working”
Fuelled by his College Coach’s belief in him, Daniel’s aspirations are humble, but high! “Hopefully D1 is the end goal, but it’s small steps. If I compete and play hard, the offers and numbers (statistics) will come.”
And playing hard is something Daniel has never had problems with, according to Head of Red Roo Sports, James Kerr. “Daniel’s work ethic is outstanding”, says Mr. Kerr. “As is evidenced by this scholarship. You don’t get to college in the US to play basketball on scholarship without putting in enormous work. I’m extremely proud of Daniel’s achievement. He’s been a joy to be around and watch on the court. This young man has an incredibly bright future.”
For Daniel, Red Roo and Mr. Kerr both provided significant help on his journey to Midland College. “Red Roo means family. A lot of those guys I’ve known since we were kids. We grew up playing basketball together. Everybody competes when we come to practice. It’s a great environment. James pushed me a lot, he’s really honest. He’ll tell me straight up if…there’s something to work on. (His) honesty is great. You need it.”
The Midland College Chapparals (Chapps) plays in Division 1 in the NJCAA and has a solid track record for student-athletes transferring to 4-year schools. We wish Daniel well on his journey to add his name to this growing list.RedRoo’s Daniel Piech-Meat fulfilling his dream in the US. With Daniel’s legendary work ethic the sky is the limit.