Yuot Gai

YUOt Gai

Height: 211cm

Position: Forward

THE player

Red Roo’s Yout Gai (YG) continues to make progress as he enters his Senior year at Abilene Christian University. The South Plains College transfer has seen a increase in his avg minutes and continues to grind and work to win more court time and opportunity.
“Nothing is guaranteed anyone, at any level in life, other than the opportunity to excel, and that is what YG has at Abilene Christian,”remarked James Kerr, President of Red Roo Sport. “YG has, through his work, earned the respect of his teammates, the coaching staff, and everyone else connected to the program and the school. There is no great achievement”, continues Mr. Kerr. 
With the wildcats having a solid, if not spectacular start to the season, there is bound to be further opportunity for YG to up his involvement and output. “Hopefully, he stays healthy, and his work rate pulls him through,” noted Kerr. 
With Western Athletic Conference (WAC) games starting December 29th, YG will need to ensure he hasn’t over indulged in Christmas turkey, as the Wildcats seek to continue their involvement in the NCAA’s March Madness tournament in a very tough, even conference. “The WAC is not for the feint-hearted. Any one of 8 or 9 programs could be eventual champions. That means every coach is looking for the player or players who can give them the edge. As usual, success in life is a matter of inches. That little bit of extra effort players and teams are willing to put in can have a huge pay-off.” 
 As only the WAC end of season Conference Tournament winner is guaranteed a spot in the Nationals, all coaches are on edge. “I have seen YG do amazing things on court. This season will go right down to the wire and I know he’s excited to be there and ready to make a the difference he’s made everywhere else he’s played in his career thus far.” 

THE man

A beast on court belies the true character of a man who is passionate about the security and future of his family. His commitment to his own personal success is driven by the desire to lead his siblings and provide the direction and example they need to make good choices and instil the values required to achieve their goals. As a founding member of RedRoo Sports, no one knows the value of work and persistence more than YG – behaviours that now have him on the brink of something special.


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