Buay Jok

Buay Jok " Product of Grace"

In this interview Buay Jok details his early life in Sudan and his growth, development and aspirations in Australia.  His philosophy on life of “Be uncomfortable on a daily basis” and his strong belief in himself and God demonstrates his attitude to life and sport.

He is supported by James Kerr – The Founder of Red Roo Sports Management, who explains his first impressions of Buay as being very mature, committed and sincere.


obstacles Can't stop red roo

Raised in a single parent home. No father figure. Heavy family responsibilities from a young age. Financial troubles. Negative peer pressure. More than enough reasons to excuse failure, or give up on life.

Not if you’re Buay (Bway) Jok. In a recent interview the Red Roo Alumni shared how life’s many challenges have only taught him more, and made him stronger. “I look forward to challenging moments, to be honest. If you’re always pushing yourself to be in And honestly, you don’t learn much from smooth sailing. I am glad for the experiences I’v had and how it has made me who I am today.”

And who he is today is a man of immense character, making a difference in his world. For James Kerr, President of Red Roo Sports, this is no surprise. “Buay is an outstanding individual. He has been since I first met him and he has provided incredible leadership to his mates and the younger guys looking up to him. On every level he is impressive.”

So how does a young man with so much going against him turn that into a positive life? According to Jok, it’s entirely about the right mindset. “I had to become comfortable being uncomfortable. And that the discomfort was making me better because I was learning, growing, and reaching for my goals.”

Jok found amazing support in his endeavours in the form of his girlfriend-turned-fiancee, Jamaican International and Collingwood Magpies Netball Superstar Shimona  Nelson. “She always sets her boundaries. Like clear expectations, and if I don’t do those things I’m gonna hear about it. It’s great discipline. She’s really intense and I’m really calm. We balance each other .”

Buay is now using his growth mindset to support young offenders in the Victorian Prison system to develop structure, positive habits and find hope through basketball. “It’s important that by using something they love, basketball, they can gain some of the life lessons it offers, and move away from their past.”

Finding purpose in his own life through basketball is the genesis of Buay’s association with Red Roo Sports. “It turned out to be me coaching at Red RooRed Roo which offered me a family setting. A fun and positive environment where everyone can thrive doing something they love. It helps get the best out of you to be in that kind of environment. I’m trying to recreate this positivity in the lives of youth who really need it.”

“In the end, we can all choose to control or be controlled”, says Jok. “I want everything I do to be a positive choice, and to reflect how achievable it is for everyone, no matter their circumstances. This is my life and I wake up every morning ready to go.”