Josh Duach

Josh duach

THE player

If hard work is a talent, then Red Roo Sports most recent NCAA Basketball Scholarship recipient, Josh Duach, has it in bucketfuls.

While certainly gifted with athleticism and basketball skills, his work ethic and workload have taken him to New York City for a full-ride NCAA Division 1 Athletic Scholarship at Iona College under Hall of Fame Coach, Rick Pitino.

“I’m excited,” says the 18 yr old, “I’ve put in the work. I think I’m prepared. I’m just ready to go there and make a statement.”

THE man

His work was a noticeable difference that Red Roo Sports Managing Director, James Kerr, noticed from day one. “There are lots of reasons to like Josh”, states Mr. Kerr. “How he approaches work, though, always stood out to me, and defined him when compared to his peers and also his opponents.”

This attitude and Josh’s willingness to persist are critical factors in his success and have been key components to overcoming the doubts and obstacles along the way. “Other people,” explains Josh, “think it’s sort of easy to get to the next level. Since I know how hard it is, I know how much I need to put in. I feel like I outwork a lot of people in that area.”

Such a mindset is a big part of Coach Rick Pitino’s interest in Josh. When asked what he expected from Pitino, Josh shared how much effort would be required. “I know he’s going to ask me to just play hard, defence and offence. I feel like he has a pretty good plan for my development. He said he specialises in guards, so yeah, I’m just going to be patient and get better.”

On reflecting on his basketball development opportunities, past, present and future, Josh credits Red Roo with giving him special opportunities. “Red Roo means a lot to me. I can come play with my friends at a high level. The energy and culture is different at Red Roo. I loved it.”

“And we loved having him,” adds Mr. Kerr. “Josh is a fine example of what can be achieved with determination, discipline and perseverance. I know he is a beacon of light to the rest of the club, and anyone who knows him. We’re so excited by his move to Iona and we can’t wait to watch how he goes from here.”